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OC Management Services

Bringing financial growth and stability to our communities

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Finance & Accounting

  • Maintain member database (web-based)

  • Keep records of Homeowners

  • Allow online payments

  • Payment reminders 

  • Associations fee- billing and collections online access 

  • Maintain monthly/yearly accounts

  • Produce updated monthly/yearly accounts as often as requested by the Board

  • Upload, Approve and pay invoices

  • finance and accounting correspondence

  • Automatic monthly deposit into Capital Budget account 

  • Board access to all financial statements and correspondences via online portal available 24/7, view bills, documents.

Finance / Accounting

  • Preparation of annual budget

  • Annual reserve analysis

Calculating Budget
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  • Prepare and distribute meeting notices

  • Maintain and distribute new Homeowner’s packets

  • Newsletters (per requests)

  • Special mailings

  • managers reports

  • Review standard operating procedures

  • Mail out all notices and correspondences

  • Liaisons with any third party (i.e. Vendor, Attorney, etc)

  • Rule enforcement

  • 24 hr. answering/emergency assistance

  • Provide information on laws and ordinances

  • Respond to member questions, comments or objections

Governance & Elections

  • Enforcement of governing documents

  • Board elections / Orient new board members

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Enforcement & Collections

Declarations and governing documents are the tools needed to preserve community values. Each Association depends on rule enforcement and income, our duty is to apply it. 

Service Contracts & Vendor Services

We have an extensive list of licensed, trustworthy, reliable and reasonable vendors who we’ve successfully worked with over the years. Landscapers, snow-removal, cleaning, maintenance, tradesmen, etc. are all available through Onyx. Onyx’s site managers oversee the progress of the work and submit progress reports to the owner as often as service is being completed. We continue to competitively shop for vendors during your contract and always do our best to achieve the highest quality of service at the lowest cost. All work is inspected prior to submitting payment and payment is contingent upon Board’s approval. 

Signing a Contract
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Maintenance services

Onyx handyman will provide maintenance services at discounted rates for minor repairs that do not require tradesman licensure (electrical, major plumbing, roofing, etc.) 


Onyx Maintenance staff will conduct inspections of all common elements. Inspection reports will be emailed to the Board upon completion with any recommendations for repairs or preventative upkeep.

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Our homeowners have the ability to post community discussions via our resident portal. This feature allows our owners to post anything from a missing pet or trashcan, to an alert or to even make a request or share any information.  

Consultation Services

We are always here to provide advice. Whether a dispute with a neighbor, a clarification for an item in the declaration, maintenance responsibilities, etc. we are happy to assist. 

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Community & Resident Portal

Cloud-based, free. E-pay, community discussions, documents

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