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Onyx Capital Management 

Minimizing Costs and Increasing Values

Why Choose
OC Management?

Family Owned

Family owned and operated since 2008, OC Management has built a strong momentum in the Association Management industry. Proudly establishing our portfolio and successfully serving Associations of all sizes throughout Philadelphia, Bucks & Montgomery Counties.

Our Approach

Our approach is built to suit each community individually and to provide the maximum results for each homeowner all while minimizing costs and increasing values. 

Our Standards

At Onyx Capital Management, we set the utmost standards to provide care, support, and quality to our homeowners and Board Members. We bring financial growth and stability to our communities. Our staff is committed to becoming active members in your community and maintaining an approachable rapport.

Our Services

Building a strong momentum in the Association Management industry. 

Managing Finances

Finance & Accounting


Governance & Elections

Working with Financial Documents

Budgeting, Planning & Reserve Reviews

Businessman Using Laptop

Enforcement & Collections

Office worker


A business meeting

Service Contracts &
Vendor Services

Using Tools

Maintenance Services

A business meeting

Consultation Services

Person In Safety Gear On Construction Site


Working on Laptop

Community & Resident Portal 

Businesswoman on Phone



Record Keeping

Our Blog

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